What’s DagM8?

DagM8 is a chat and a powerful platform built and designed for your college life. You can join to rooms named by your classes, clubs and favorite groups, you can also create your own groups and send private messages to any registered student. It allows you to make an easy search through all the valuable resources that are shared on every room. DagM8 wants to improve the experience of connecting with your classmates and your learning.

How can I get my DagM8 account?

I’m from UCSC (Santa Cruz): Input your UCSC.edu mail so you get into our waiting list. We’ll send you an invitation shortly.

I’m not from UCSC (Santa Cruz): Right now DagM8 has a closed beta on UC Santa Cruz, which is not open for everyone. But, we are going to release a version for the whole campus very soon. Our goal is that every student can access DagM8 from their own college, and build a connected community.

Does it cost?

NOPE! Registration and downloading the iOS app is free! Download it here

Is DagM8 associated with a Institution?

NOPE! We are not associated with any Institution, UC, College, Academy, etc. We are a bunch of devs, designers and graduated students, that just a few years ago we were in college too. So we know all the struggles your are coming through: financial aid, classes, teachers, classmates, homework, grades, due dates, join a club, making new friends, parties… and we can keep going. We think DagM8 can help a little with all those by just being connected at the right time with the right people.

I don’t know how to login to DagM8 again 😨

If you are in your personal computer, go to your browser and type: (your college domain).dagm8.com

It should log you in immediately because your session is kept by the browser.

How can I start a direct message with someone?

Click on the plus (+) icon beside Direct Messages, on the left bar. This will open your College Directory.

Search the name of the person you want to talk to and click on Start Conversation.

How can I send a Gif?

You can copy and paste the link where the image is located and it will automatically reproduce on the chat view.

i.e. try pasting this link in DagM8! https://media.giphy.com/media/vFKqnCdLPNOKc/giphy.gif

Which browser should I use for DagM8?

DagM8 team recommends you to use any broswer you have near, but if you want a smooth and fast experience, we reccomend using Google Chrome as your browser for DagM8.

How does the General Chat work?

The DagM8 general chat group includes everyone with a DagM8 account from your campus (now, only UCSC). Every UCSC student using DagM8 can be found here. Reach out to them either directly, individually, or in an existing class or a special Group or Dag (Dynamic Active Group).

How does DagM8 help me in my academic life?

DagM8 wants to make your school life less of a struggle, giving you the opportunity to connect with your classmates and study groups making it easier to share your work, like documents, links, images, videos, etc. All your academic stuff in one place, so you can focus on your grades and parties.

What’s the difference between eCommons and DagM8?

eCommons works as a supplement tool for projects or/and classes, and it’s available for students, faculty and staff. The general picture of eCommons is a collaborative platform, you are able to upload and comment on forums that everyone can create. You need to refresh the site every certain time to see the updates and changes. In the other hand, DagM8 allows you not only to share documents, you can message your whole class, group or classmate in real time. Also, all the stuff you share is searchable and sortable. DagM8 is available for your desktop and iPhone, you can receive push notifications so you don’t miss anything; you can manage from who you want to receive notifications. Add new classmates, groups or classes to keep you connected.

More questions and concerns?

Send us an email to support@dagm8.com

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