Students need more resources, but educational platforms are not engaging and social networks are not educational.

About Us

DagM8 is an educational platfrom and social network, where students can extend class discussions in the same place they find events and parties; a one-stop-shop for students’ communication and collaboration where their school and social lives synergistically coexist.

Lets classmates freely communicate and share files, videos, and internet-content across iOS and web.

Meet the team!

We are happy to make your college life easier and more productive.

Core Team

Alex Peri


Laura Yecies

Strategic Consultant

Signe Lea Peri


Homayun Etemadi

Community Manager

Oliver Rangel

Head of Backend

Carlos Bedoy

Head of Mobile

Alejandro Medina

Head of Front-end

Karlo Marín

Head of IOS

José Armendáriz

Product & Marketing Design

Pedro García

Android Developer

David Peri

Strategic Marketing

Mariel Sandova

Human Resources

Emily Bettencourt

Student Lieson

Theo Erickson

Student Lieson

Aurora Alparaz

Student Lieson

Shyaan Khan

Student Lieson

Talha DoesZikr Adil

Student Lieson

Ryan Metz

Student Lieson

Mayowa Borisade

Student Lieson

Wesley Shih

Student Lieson


George Northup

CEO at Silicon Valley SaaS

Jakob Hansen

CFO at ABC Hansen

Nigel Alexander

CFO at Cartasite

Tim Sullivan

CEO at Oceanic Partners, Inc

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We are rolling out a closed beta at UCSC.

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