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Let's conquer college together. DagM8 is the supercharged social slack that helps you #StudySmarter #PlayHarder and #LiveBetter.


Get in touch with classmates, join the classes and crush that group project with real time messaging.


Send photos, docs, links, and anything else you'd like to all your groups, classes and friends!

Save & Search

Notes of the student in the front of the class. That one study guide that's practically the test. All that you share is safe & secure, saved & searchable.

Your school life easier than ever

We know the struggle is real. That's why we created DagM8. By students, for students.

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Don't miss the good things in life or in school!

DagM8 is like a super-powered social productivity network for college! Our mission is to help you experience all that college has to offer, so whether you're focusing on your grades or going to the best parties and events in town, DagM8 has got you covered. So come join the fun! and see what we're about.

Some mates are saying…

Quoted from feedback after the Beta Test bound, applied in UC Santa Cruz, California.


UCSC Student

Have been able to ask classmates questions regarding assigments and due dates.


UCSC Student

I like having everything centralized.


UCSC Student

Now, I can communicate with people that I don’t get to see other than in class.


UCSC Teacher

I like that this feels more easy going and less official or grade related, and this encourages student interaction with me and one another.


UCSC Student

It allows me to keep in contact with my peers, ask questions, and create a platform for all shared files.

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We are rolling out a closed beta at UCSC.

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